Treetop courses. Unforgettable outdoor family adventure. Great fun guaranteed!

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NB: Reservation required.


Treetop Courses :


Grand Tarzan (5 feet and +/1.52 m)

Duration: 3 hours

4 treetops courses with an increasing degree of difficulty are offered on the Grand Tarzan; And to end the party on a perfect note, you will find a series of four large ziplines among the largest in Quebec! More than a kilometre downhill altogether! Big thrills are guaranteed!

Petit Tarzan (4 feet and +/ 1m22)

Duration: 1.30 to 2 hours

Always accompanied by a parent, on the ground or in the air, the Little Tarzan climbs and goes through more than 65 treetops games. The courses are very similar to the Grand Tarzan, but on a smaller scale. This circuit is perfect to give them enough confidence to live an adventure just like grown ups! Tons of fun guaranteed!

Mini Tarzan (3 feet and +/92cm)

Duration : 1.30 to 2 hours

On the ground, and always accompanied by a parent, the Tiny Tarzan can also enjoy an incredible experience just like grown ups! Slides, monkey bridges, barrels and spiderwebs are some of the numerous games that will delight the Tiny Tarzan and leave them with unforgettable memories!

Via Ferrata (5 feet and +/ 1m52)

Duration : 30 to 45 minutes

A compromise between hiking and climbing, this course on the mountainside can be explored using a harness and safety cables anchored in the rocky slopes. This course is offered as an appendix to the « Grand Tarzan » course, and gives you access to 4 additional Zip-Lines!




Prices and Bookings:


Departures are open everyday at:
10 a.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m.
Off-season, treetop courses are open to groups of 20 people and more on weekdays.

TARIFS INDIVIDUELS (Adultes & Juniors)
Grand Tarzan 32.50$
Petit Tarzan 21.50$
Mini Tarzan 20.50$
* prix par personne; taxes en sus


Make your stay at Haut Bois Normand pleasant and memorable by combining our activities to one of our different types of accommodation.


Booking policy and cancellation
A credit card number is required for all reservations
Free cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the date of the activity
A 20% fee will be charged on the credit card if the cancellation deadline is not respected
A 20% non-refundable deposit is required for a booking of 10 people or more
The number initial number of bookings will be charged. (10% margin). Modifications may be made by telephone until the day of the activity at the opening of our office.
The bad weather is not a valid cancellation factor, unless we determine that it endangers our participants or that it makes our business inoperable

Reservation Here


Practical information:

Mini and Petit Tarzan courses :
An adult must accompany his child/children on the mini and petit Tarzan courses
The accompanying adult can choose between doing the activity with his child/children (at the cost of the Petit/mini Tarzan) or staying on the ground free of charge.
L’ accompagnateur est désigné comme le parent supplémentaire ou bien la personne ne désirant pas grimper, mais suivre les participants au sol.


School group :
To organize and book a school outing at Arbre Aventure from Monday to Friday, please contact F.L.A.G. F.L.A.G HERE.


Your preparation :
You must arrive within 30 minutes prior to your departure to complete billing, to fill out your form and to receive your equipment.

No departure will be delayed. If you show up past the time of your departure, you will have to wait for the next available departure.

What to pack on the day of the activity:
N.B. Tout l’équipement sécuritaire (gants, harnais, poulies) vous est remis sur place
Remember that all safety equipment (gloves, harnesses, pulleys) is provided by Arbre Aventure.
A raincoat (depending on the weather)
Insect repellent
Wear outdoor clothing and shoes. No sandals or crocs.
Tie back long hair.
Avoid jewellery, objects in pockets and camera.
Use eyeglass cords.
Backpacks & small sized bags are not allowed.

Water tanks are placed all around the courses, so you do not need to bring your own water bottle.


A safe adventure!


Chez Arbre Aventure votre sécurité est primordiale. C’est pourquoi nous vous donnons tous les outils nécessaires au bon déroulement de votre parcours aérien.

First step: Equipment

The individual equipment at your disposal (harnesses, lanyards, pulleys, carabineers) is installed and carefully checked by our team on a daily basis. Only the equipment we provide is allowed on the courses. Note that you are clinging to a lifeline that protects you (steel cable wrapped red) throughout the course, from the moment you take your fist step on a ladder!
Step Two: Explanations

Before starting the adventure, safety instructions for the use of your equipment are given, and to ensure that you understand, you will have to follow a trail practice under the watchful eye of our instructors. This course must be repeated as long as the monitor determines that your behaviour is not safe.

Step Three: The courses

Throughout the courses, you will be assisted by our instructors, specially trained for off-road rescuing, first aid and CPR techniques. In case of emergency, a person can quickly be removed from the course by professional instructors specifically trained for this type of situation.
Every course is inspected on a weekly basis to ensure your safety. Facilities and equipment provided are checked on a daily basis.